Website Traffic Redirector

Website Traffic Redirector is the easiest way to track traffic and account for all of your site visitors.
Anyone from an Individual to a Large Corporation can take advantage of this powerful tool.

Our web server software can help you control incoming traffic by multiple parameters such as Organization name, Country, IP address, City, Phone Area code, Browser type, Search engine, Keywords, Visitor Frequency, Proxy, etc.

Webmasters -

Control incoming traffic by
- Organization name,
- Country, State and City,
- ZIP and Telephone Area codes,
- IP address, Proxy,
- Browser type,
- Search engine, Keywords,
- Visitor Frequency, etc.

Our Website Traffic Redirector can be used as a security tool to thwart off bots and unwanted visitors and protect your website from web attacks.
Set up Email or iPhone notifications when a certain activity is detected.

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Affiliates and Advertisers -

For successful affiliate businesses and advertisers: this is a valuable addition to your money-making portfolio of tools.

Any traffic coming through this tool is captured and stored in a log for quick access. You don't need any special database skills to see who came to your site and when. If needed, the data can be exported to a file for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Besides redirecting visitors to a certain URL, our web redirector software can display a custom HTML page, or completely block certain visitors via the 404 page or any custom message.

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Traffic Resellers -

This is the tool that can help you to precisely count all incoming traffic hits and redistribute them to multiple web sites and customers.

For web site investors: our web site redirector can help you increase the Alexa rating of your site.
Let's say, you purchased some traffic and they said you had 10k visitors. Our tool will tell you exactly how many visitors they sent to your URL. Each and every visitor information is captured and stored in the logs.

You don't need to modify your existing sites or add any scripts to your web pages!

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Hands-On Demo

The software is designed with .NET technology and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer.
As opposed to PHP scripts, the .NET technology precompiles the C# code in the form of a binary DLL and adjusts it to the operating system, which further optimizes its performance to the server's processor type.

The top notch database indexing technology coming with the SQL server provides the most efficient database queries and updates.

The industry leading GeoTargeting technology by Maxmind provides extremely fast and memory efficient data access algorithms that allow locating records within huge geolocation databases in a matter of milliseconds.

Please contact us at redirector{at} for a fully functional demo access.
The demo is running on a free version of MS SQL server called SQL 2008 Express. Even so, we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the performance.

Purchase Options

Option 1.

You purchase the software license from us and we set up the Redirector software for you in your existing hosting environment.
Required: Windows 2008 server or later, ASP.NET 2.0 or later.
MSSQL 2008 Express minimum. MSSQL Standard or Enterprise is recommended for daily traffic over 15k visitors.

Please contact us at Redirector{at} for pricing options. Maxmind Geolocation database subscription is extra.

Option 2.

We host the Redirector software for you. This includes Free unique private domain name, Free Maxmind database updates.
Hosting fees depend on your daily traffic: $49/mo (5k hits/hour or less), $89/mo (10k hits/hour or less).

Contact us for special pricing if you plan to have over 10k visitors an hour.

Option 3.

Do you have a suggestion or an offer for us? Let us know. Email us at Redirector{at}

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